Our mission at Premier Gymnastics is to provide quality gymnastics instruction to children of all ages and skill levels. Our positive, nurturing approach is geared towards instilling confidence and self-esteem in a safe, fun and challenging environment.  Our student-teacher ratio is limited to provide the best learning experience to our students. You will rarely find your child standing in line.  We like to keep the kids moving and learning at all times! 


Children enrolled in our classes will receive a Report Card every 8 weeks tracking their progress!


At Premier Gymnastics, we are dedicated to maintaining a coaching staff with a high level of experience and professionalism.  Our Staff attends monthly trainings to continually better their coaching techniques and skill progressions.  


Our program is challenging and rewarding, committed to helping children succeed in their weekly class or as an advanced level gymnast. Our classes provide a level of physical fitness to all children that cannot be found in other sports, helping children succeed in any sport they choose to pursue after training gymnastics.


Our coaching staff is required to have a USA Gymnastics Instructor or Professional Membership, as well as complete the following course list. Download the attached document to view the course list.